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Emergency Medical Services in Sindh, Pakistan: Flood 2022

Shahid Ahmed Laghari

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1711951894
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A Misleading Pain: Unravelling Pulmonary Embolism Masquerading as Flank Pain

Heba Ahmed, Salama Al Neyadi , Maryam Alnuaimi

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1710007046
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Pulses Never Lie: Detecting Painless Aortic Dissection in a Stroke-Like Presentation

Heba Ahmed, Danish Salim , Nasser Ahmed, Sheikha Al Zaabi

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1710003540
Original Article

Medical convoy: interfacility transfer of hospitalized patients during Hajj season 2019

Haytham A. Sheerah, Anas A. Khan, Fahad A. Alamri , Ghadah Alsaleh, Yasir Almuzaini, Ahmed A. Alahmari, Nomai N. Mukhtar, Mariyyah Alburayh , Lamis Alabdullatif, Bandar S. Almutairi, Jalal M Alowais, Hani Johkdar

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1704795659
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A Case of Simultaneous Sinus Venous Thrombosis and Bilateral Pulmonary Embolism with OCP Use

Noura Al Dosari

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709294705
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The Necessity of Point Of Care Ultrasound in Saudi Arabia Ambulances.

Imtiaz Ali Shaikh, Bandar Al Mufareh, BASIL Saleh Alqahtani, Meshal Mutlaq Alsubaie, Jaser Saad Alharthi, Abdullah Muaid Alharbi, Ahmed Nouh Alasmari, Ahmed Muadi Alshehri

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1711574321
Original Article

Assessing Preferences and Sociodemographic Influences on Conveying Bad News in an Emergency Department: A Cross-Sectional Study at a Tertiary Hospital in Jeddah

Imad Khojah, Marshad A. Almutairi, Fatmah Alsomali, Essam W. Zarei, Ahmed H. Khan, Amjad S. Alshardy, Abdulaziz K. Alghamdi, Mohammed A. Alghamdi

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1704670837
Original Article

Knowledge, attitudes, and practices towards COVID-19 among emergency medicine residents during COVID-19 outbreak

Ibtihal Mohammad Alattas, Mohammad Hesam Sindi, Hesham Zuhair Ajaj, Ghufran Abuazzah, Hasan Mesfer Al-Shamrani, Sultan Ali Alwajeeh

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1703675553
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Factors improving intravenous fluid flow rate for rapid resuscitation, based on the Hagen-Poiseuille law

Mahdis Seddiq, Firas Jaafar Kareem Alnajjar

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709552882
Case Report

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Myocardial Injury in Pregnancy: A Case Report

Ebtesam Safi , Sara Hussain, Firas AlNajjar

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709822814
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Severe Hydrocarbon Pneumonitis, A Fatal Complication of Petroleum Aspiration: A Case Report

Neema Francis, Phalguni Sai Preethi Asapu, Mansoor Husain, Thiagarajan Jaiganesh

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709388006
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ACA occlusion presenting with purely sensory deficit : case study

Gina Rami Salama Ibrahim Abdelmesih

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1710000953
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Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Doctors in Odisha towards Informed Consent to Treatment

Dr. Dibyasha Nayak, Dr. Debasis Mishra , Dr. Sajid N.A. Nomani

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1711476437
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Fatal case of EBV induced hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), presenting with acute abdomen

Gina Rami Salama Ibrahim Abdelmesih

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1711571805
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Identification of Indicators for the Evaluation of Health Disaster Management Interventions during the Relief Phase: Scoping Review of the Peer-Reviewed Literature

Sofie Pauwels, Michel Debacker, Ives Hubloue

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709728940
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Fostering Proficiency in Essential Skills among Emergency Medicine Residents through Simulation-Based Education

Muhammad Saif Rehman

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709580664
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The Effectiveness of Point of Care Ultrasound in Emergency Department

Dr Sumudu Ruhunage, Dr Mubashir Hamid

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709332991
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Acute Upper Limb Ischemia Secondary to Primary Left Subclavian Thromboembolism: A Case Report

Phalguni Sai Preethi Asapu, Neema Francis, Thiagarajan Jaiganesh

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709616718
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Dr Harsha Makwana , Dr Sumit Bhut, Dr Parth Kapadiya

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709857761
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Investigating characteristics of patients and healthcare Visits Prior to Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in Two Tertiary Hospitals in Oman

Tasnim Al Habsi , Mohammed Al Badri, Amal Al Mandhari, Khalid Al Harthi, Thekra Al Obaidnai, Maimoona Al Hinai, Abdulmajeed Al Shukaili, Mohammed Al Hassani, Naima Al Hinai

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709838700
Case Report

Dapsone Associated Methemoglobinemia-----A Case of Blue Discoloration:

Jamil Dayo, Erum Shakeel, Akbar Baig

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709502339
Case Report

Thrombocytopenia and Coagulopathy in Covid-19 Manifesting as Upper Gastrointestinal Bleed and Epistaxis

Erum Shakeel, Noor Baig, Sohaib Haider

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709492337
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An Accidental Exposure To Chlorine Causing Chemical Pneumonitis

Nazneen Syeda, L O Idris

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709317462
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DKA Prediction in Children Using Artificial Intelligence: Improved Emergency Care

Arifa Parveen, Mohsina Riffat, Sarang Shaikh

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709471807
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A Descriptive study of child abuse cases in the paediatric emergency department (tertiary care hospital in Karachi)

Hareem Ayub

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709922852
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Emergency Department Recognition of Delirium: Quality Improvement Towards a Geriatric-Friendly ED

Mona AlGharibi, Mohammad Anzal Rehman, David Curran, Elsa Madott, Asim Islam, Rishi Prasad

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1710398533
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Bilateral Hearing Loss after Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Daniel Tirado, Ahmed Alsakha, William Santiago, Dallin Lindahl, Monica Morgan, Jeanna Marraffa

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709686169
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Urgent Surgery for A Month-Long Headache: a Case Report

Erkan Gunay

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1710057658
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Improvised Femoral Nerve Block Model Using Everyday Items: An Affordable Alternative for Medical Training

Aysha Simran Haris, Wasim Ahmed, Martin Joseph, Tasnim Ahmed

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1711467765
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Sodium nitrite ingestion in a suicide attempt: First reported case in the Middle East

Lamees Ahmed , Fatimetou Ba , Farah Ammar Lamee Al-khaleefa , Abrar Al-saadoon, Mhd Samer Al Merie

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1710080098
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Prevalence of Career Indecision and Factors Influencing it among Medical Students and Interns in Oman

Ali Abdullah Al Ajmi , Fatma Salim Al Kharusi, Aisha Al Khamisi

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1710348619
Conference Abstract - Oral presentation

“Establishing a novel graduate medical education wellness program and comprehensive curriculum in the United Arab Emirates”

Sahar Almansoori, Falak Sayed

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709979667
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Antibiotics for Suspected Urinary Tract Infections in the Emergency Department, How Are We Doing?

Nisreen Maghraby, Dunya Alfaraj, Abdulmonem AlSaleh, Shahad Alsheikh, Saleh Al Qahtani , Khaled Alzahrani, Zainab Alzakari, Farah Mohamed, Noor Alsheikh

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1710010876
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Aortic Dissection that Presented to a Tertiary Hospital's ED in Dubai, UAE: A Descriptive Study

Ivyan Kambal , Esra AlHamadani, Rand Aboelkher, Sania Zia, Firas AlNajjar

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1711459298
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Emergency Nursing Didactics – Opinions, Resource, and Skill Exchange (E.N.D.O.R.S.E) – A collaborative academic initiative in the Emergency Department

Mohammad Anzal Rehman, Elrasheed Salih, Honey Mathew, Ramna Abdulrahman, Ahmad Chahla, Rishi Prasad

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1710397178
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Preventing Hypocalcemia in Major Trauma - A QIP in a Major Trauma Centre in UK

Jitendra Manji Siyani, Roshan Joseph, Uche okpokiri

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1711114989
Conference Abstract - Oral presentation

Case Report: An Atypical Cause of Pneumomediastinum

Ives Hubloue , Astrid Verschaeve

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1711528567
Original Article

Impact of Asthma Management Protocol in reducing Length of Stay in Low Income Countries

Razi Ur Rahman

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1709973284
Original Article

Clinical Spectrum of Poisoning in Pediatric Emergency in Underdeveloped Countries

Razi ur Rahman

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1711551051
Original Article

Factors Affecting Emergency Residents’ Selection of a Training Center in Saudi Arabia.

Erada Alghamdi, Jamil Baljoon, Kholoud Babkair

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1707292563
Case Report

Naphthalene Mothball Ingestion Without Hemolysis In A Five-Year-Old Female: A Case Report

Ghada Alqahtani, Abdulaziz Alshalan, Rawan Eskandarani, Yara Algoraini

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1710893584
Original Article

Knowledge, attitude, and practice of Saudi teachers regarding their role in anaphylaxis management in Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia

Hanin A Qashqari, Alaa H Banaser, Furat F Abdulsamad, Renad A Hariri, Ertwaa S Alamri, Renad AlJuaid, Naif M Almeqaty

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1710909546
Case Report

Successful revascularization therapy in altered mental state patient with posterior circulation stroke and left subclavian artery partial obstruction: A case report and review of literature

Asma AlHammadi, Ibraheem AlZaabi, Mohammed AlJaberi

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1705139341
Original Article

Impact of Point of Care Ultrasound Rotation on Single Saudi Emergency Medicine Program, Longitudinal Prospective Study.

Lubna Alshibani, Lolo Alkhwaiter, Yara Alhabib, Shahad Aldelaijan, Naif Alotaibi,

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1705759628
Case Report

Management challenges of tension bullae in the emergency department: a case report and literature review

Maedeh Asna Ashari Amiri, Saeid Gholami Gharab, Kourosh Javdani Esfehani, Hamidreza Khoshnezhad Ebrahimi, Shabahang Jafarnejad, Nader Sadigh, Alireza Javan

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1710079260
Original Article

Emergency physician cost awareness of common orders in emergency department and awareness impact on medical decisions in Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Almarshed, Feras Alrakaf , Abdullah Alnatheer, Mohammed Alwaladali, Anas Almazyed, Abdullah Alsuwayeh

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed/72-1697051974
Case Report

Children's Ingestion of Blister Beetles Causing Cantharidin Poisoning : Two pediatric cases in Saudi Arabia

Musa Alfaifi, Eman Aldweikh, Ohood Alshahrani, Daad Elgari, Rawan Alshahrani

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed.72-1706182286